SSL certificate and DNS for every IP addresses

DNS: provides magic DNS available publicly that resolves every IP in zone, for an example:       resolves to       resolves to    resolves to        resolves to

And so on…


Moreover you can download valid wildcard certificate with private key for * Install the certificate and key on the server, modify the server’s configuration to use the certificate and key, and restart the daemon. After that, browse the server using hostname via HTTPS (e.g. and receive a valid SSL connection (green lock), all in a matter of seconds.

What is for?

You can use it for testing purposes, especially for:
Access to your not only virtual host via FQDN with valid certificate in your local network without DNS, needed for developing applications for iphones, ipads and etc;
Provide secure connection to your test application deployed in your private IP e.g. behind NAT (maybe using;
Configure Test installation of Microsoft Exchange or of Skype For Business hybrid installation with Office 365 valid public certificate is needed for Office 365;
Providing course about developing, Public Key Infrastructure and similar…


This service is provided for free by Most Valuable Professional – Mariusz Ferdyn
This WebPage is based on WordPress and free simple template, DNS is based on PowerDns that runs under Ubuntu deployed on Microsoft Azure.
Azure and certificate cost, so you can donate any amount for this project:

Thank You.

Certificate and Private Key:

You can download valid SSL certificate and private key for it here, just after registration with your email.